The Day by Day Learning character education curriculum and resource materials have been created by a group of parents, teachers, artists and musicians from around the world, who feel strongly about the importance of character education.

These materials have been slowly tested in kindergartens and primary schools with 3- to 7-year-old children from different cultural, economic, and racial backgrounds. The learning and experience gained has helped us to adjust, enhance, and enrich the materials over time. Through daily interaction with these materials and the practices associated with them, we hope children will develop the foundations of good character, healthy habits, positive attitudes and a desire to be of service to their families and society, ultimately making the world a better place.

3-year Curriculum

The Day By Day Learning character education curriculum is a comprehensive bilingual character education curriculum for children ages 3-7 year old, helping them understand and practice their virtues little by little, day by day.

We have chosen 19 virtues to explore with children through detailed lesson plans which utilize a fun and interactive approach using our custom designed materials including virtues songs, stories, visual aid posters, Virtues in Action books, cooperative games, our 9 character puppets, and many activities.  The lesson plans are differentiated by age so that children can continue to build and deepen their understanding and practice of virtues as they grow in maturity.

Virtues in Action Books

Our Virtues in Action books are a delightful collection of 19 books depicting children and families from around the world using their virtues in various situations. They are based on our belief that we are all created like mines rich in gems of inestimable value and the journey of mining these gems can best be learned and practiced little by little, day by day. It is our hope that these actions will lead to habits, skills and capabilities that are useful in our children’s personal development, and will contribute meaningfully to building a better society. The English version can be purchased from Amazon and the bilingual version through our WeShop in China.

Virtues Journal

My Virtues Journal is a book for each family or the teacher to use to acknowledge the development of their child’s practice of virtues. The child can sketch themselves practicing their virtues and the parent/teacher can also write an acknowledgement. There is space to record the acknowledgement for each of the 19 virtues. At the end of a school year it is a wonderful gift to give the child their individual My Virtues Journal.


We have various virtues posters to help you decorate your classrooms and inspire character development in our children and parents little by little, day by day. Please contact us to purchase these directly or visit our Chinese weshop.


Children love to sing, and it helps them to remember and understand concepts. For each of the 19 virtues, there are beautifully written songs that meet a child’s developmental and language capabilities. The pre-school CD is perfect for children under 5 years of age, and under and the school age songs are wonderful for 5+ years of age. In addition, the simple quotation songs help children remember a one sentence quote related to each virtue. All songs are available on amazon music.

You can find the virtues song in amazon music by clicking below picture: